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Committee Missions and Members

Activities Committee

Mission: To facilitate recreational, educational, social and cultural activities for the benefit of Seabrook Island property owners

Chair: Ed Williams
Vice-Chair: Dan Kortvelesy

Committee Members:
2017 Committee Members TBA

Staff Liaison: Nic Porter

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Committee Charter (excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

The Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) serves as the duly appointed representative of the Board and, as such, it shall be responsible for the review of all plans for construction, landscaping and external improvements to Property, and any changes to same, and shall have the functions, responsibilities and authorities as provided in the Protective Covenants and as otherwise determined by the Board. The ARC shall also have responsibility for developing and administering, subject to Board approval, the policies and procedures set forth in the publication, Seabrook Island Property Owners Association Policies & Procedures for Residential Development, and to impose monetary or other sanctions for violations thereof. The ARC shall also hear appeals in matters within its jurisdiction. Directors who serve on the ARC must abstain from voting on an appeal of a decision of the ARC to the Board.

Chair: Bill Bane
Vice Chair: Dan Kortvelesy

Larry Buchman
Macky Farber
Ray Hoover
Veronica L’Allier
Ed Rinehimer.

SIPOA Staff and Consultant:
Katrina Burrell, ARC Administrator
Adrea Hughes, ASLA, Engineering and Architectural Review Assistant
David Hazeltine, , NCARB, Consulting Architect

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee’s stated mission is to improve Communications to property owners, guests, and renters. The Committee’s goals are to create, improve and leverage modern technologies to better reach or constituents, to increase visibility of SIPOA actions and plans, to ensure integration of communications vehicles for SIPOA, Town and Club.

Chair: Lynn Crane

2017 Committee Members TBA

Staff: Shawna Jarrett

Environmental Committee

2017 Seabrook Island Lake Management Report

Committee Charter (excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

This Committee shall advise the Board on matters relating to the beach trust area, revetments, wildlife, plants and trees, marshes, lakes and other matters relating to the environment. It shall develop and recommend to the Board policies for environmentally sensitive areas. It shall participate in other activities that relate to the jurisdiction of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and its Bureau of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and other such governmental agencies as may have jurisdiction over the environment of Seabrook Island.


Chair: Michael Orris
Vice Chair: Guy Gimson

2017 Committee Members
Roger Banks
Phyllis Cohen
John Conyers
Lucy Hoover
Jane Marvin
Charles Moore
Dean Morr
Barry Shedrow
Joe Stevenot
John Turner

Staff Liaison: Steve Hirsch

Finance Committee

Committee Charter (Excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

The Treasurer shall serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee shall have the primary responsibility for SIPOA finances and the allocation of budgeted funds for expenditure to the various committees and/or operating components reporting to the Board. The Board may, however, at its option, reallocate funds so allocated by the Finance Committee. This Committee shall:

(i) Establish procedures for measuring the actual income, expenditures, and cash flow of SIPOA against the budget, and shall report complete financial operations to the Board on a regular basis.

(ii) Establish procedures for and implement the preparation of a budget for the ensuing fiscal year and shall recommend an operating budget and capital expenditure and capital reserve budget to the Board based upon the estimates from the various committees and/or operating components reporting to the Board.

(iii) Develop and publish, at least biennially, a five-year forecast of financial operations, and shall estimate the assessment rates applicable to each class of Property five (5) years into the future.

(iv) Establish and update internal controls to safeguard assets of SIPOA, and shall seek to formulate and implement proposals to impose fiscal responsibility with respect to the operations of SIPOA.

Chair, John Feldman
Vice Chair, Con Constandis


Wayne Billian
Cindy Brown
Frank Farfone
Judy Gimson
Janet Gorski
Ed Maher
Warren Weber

Staff: Allison Townsley

General Operating and Maintenance Committee (GOMC)

2016 Stormwater Rehab Program Report

Committee Charter (Excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

This Committee shall develop, recommend, and arrange for the implementation of policies and programs for the maintenance of common property owned by SIPOA, such as, but not limited to, buildings, roads, bridges, parking spaces, storm drainage systems, signs and street lighting. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board regarding acceptance of roads, bridges, drainage easements and other structures that have been constructed within the SID. The Committee shall be responsible for long-range planning of major maintenance relating to roads and drainage and other common properties. The Committee shall oversee the development of specifications, requests for proposal and the review of bids for projects within its jurisdiction.

Chair, Guy Gimson
Vice Chair, Michael Orris

2017 Committee Members
Bob Becker
Larry Buchman
Mark Doane
Mike Grabman
Tim Morawski
Mike Orris
Dave Whitmore
Max Willis

Staff Liaison: Steve Hirsch

Legal Committee

Committee Charter (excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

This Committee shall serve as the SIPOA’s liaison with its legal counsel, and shall coordinate with Directors, officers and other committees upon questions of law and rules and regulations, including these Bylaws that may be referred to it by the Directors, officers and other committees. This Committee shall monitor all pending or threatened litigation in which the SIPOA is involved or in which it has an interest and keep the Board apprised of any legal developments of significance or as otherwise requested by the Board. This Committee may establish policies, subject to Board approval, for review of contracts and for internal audit of all aspects of SIPOA operations.

This Committee shall monitor such federal, state, county and town matters, proceedings or legislation that it deems appropriate that may affect the interests of SIPOA or Property Owners. The Committee shall serve as a liaison with all government entities on matters that may affect the SIPOA and its Property Owners.

Chair, Ed Houff

2017 Committee Members
Susan Colatsky
Allan Keener
Tom Pinckney

Nominating Committee

Committee Charter (Excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) Property Owners or their spouses (or any other Person who would be eligible to serve as a Director as provided in §5.1), four (4) of whom shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of Property Owners to serve for the ensuing year.  The fifth member of the Committee, who shall serve as the chairperson, shall be appointed by the President from among the non-officer Directors.  The names of the Nominating Committee shall be posted in the SIPOA’s office and on its website within a reasonable time after their election.  The name of the Nominating Committee chairperson shall be posted in the SIPOA’s office and on its website promptly after his or her appointment. The Board must inform the Nominating Committee of the number of Directors to be elected and the group year of such number.  The group year is the year in which the term of the Director expires.

Property Owners may submit the names of candidates for the Board and for the four (4) elected positions on the Nominating Committee, which names must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than October 1 of each year.  At least one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the Annual Meeting of Property Owners, each nominee shall complete and submit to the Nominating Committee a fully-completed nominee form proposed by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Board, which nominee form shall include such biographical and other information as the Nominating Committee and Board determine appropriate.  The nominees for the Board and Nominating Committee positions for the ensuing year shall be delivered by the Committee to the Secretary, who shall post the nominees in SIPOA’s principal office and on its website at least sixty (60) days before the Annual Meeting of Property Owners.  Thereafter, additional nominations for the Board and the Nominating Committee may be made by written petition signed by fifty (50) or more Property Owners in Good Standing.  Their nominations must be delivered in writing to the Secretary within thirty (30) days after the Secretary has posted the nominees as set forth above.  The names of the nominees and the names of any additional Persons nominated by petition, together with completed nominee forms and a form of proxy, shall be mailed by the Secretary to Property Owners at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.  No person shall be nominated for election to the Board or Nominating Committee except in accordance with this section.  The term of each Nominating Committee member will expire upon the newly-elected member taking office.


Chair, Dennis Pescitelli

Kathleen Buchman
Veronica L’Allier
Stephen Montagu-Pollock
Sarah Waterfill

Planning Committee

Committee Charter (Excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

This Committee shall be responsible for developing long range goals and plans for SIPOA through study and analysis of anticipated future growth and needs.  Such studies and plans may include, but shall not be limited to, capital improvements, cost sharing agreements, utility services and realignment of committees or staff.  A detailed report of the activities and plans developed shall be submitted to the Board at least biennially to coincide with the five-year forecast of financial operations produced by the Finance Committee.

Chair, Dan Kortvelesy
Vice Chair, Dennis Pescitelli

2017 Committee Members TBA

Safety and Security Committee

Committee Charter (Excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

The Safety and Security Committee shall develop rules and regulations, which shall be subject to Board approval, for control of access to the SID, and for the security, protection, safety and welfare of Property Owners and all Persons within the SID. The Committee shall develop programs, policies and rules and regulations covering the employment of security guards, fire protection programs in conjunction with fire protection authorities, traffic control, and enforcement of applicable recorded Protective Covenants, as well as these Bylaws and duly adopted and published rules and regulations. The Safety and Security Committee shall also hear appeals in matters within its jurisdiction. Directors who serve on the Safety and Security Committee must abstain from voting on an appeal of a decision of the Committee to the Board.


Chair: Julie McCulloch
Vice Chair: Phil Squire

2017 Committee Members
Bill Bryant
Lisa Cermak
Ellen Coughlin
Jim Eisenhauer (CERT)
Jennifer Hesterman
James Jones
Edward Moran
Harry Vincent (COVAR)

Staff Liaison:
Jenn Miller, SIPOA Director of Security